Connecting Brands with Consumers through New Media & Event Experiences
                         Connecting Brands with Consumers through New Media & Event Experiences

About Junior Jones Group


Launched in 2007 and based in Toronto,  Junior Jones Group specializes in lifestyle & brand enagagement, connecting brands with consumers through new media and event experiences.  The Junior Jones Group has direct involvement & influence with an urban & pop culture demographic which has billions of dollars in purchasing power and the most powerful influence on setting today's trends. Organizations that are able to effectively integrate and expose their brands within this sector can benefit tremendously.




Junior Jones Group works with event organizers & content producers throughout North America to secure sponsors on their behalf and has secured sponsorship activations for events such as festivals, concerts, celebrity events, fashion shows, sports tournaments, award shows, conferences and worthy causes over the years.  New media experiences include product placement and organic brand integration within music videos, short films, TV shows and documentaries distributed online as well as traditional channels such as TV and the big screen. Opportunities for brand integration and advertising within mobile apps and video games also exist through relationships with various technology partners.  


Brand Promotion


Junior Jones Group also works directly with brands to enhance their brand perception to their target audiences.  Through various connections within entertainment, fashion, sports and other industries, Junior Jones Group leverages its relationships to offer brand ambassador services to help promote and strengthen brand recognition in an organic and authentic way.  This includes brand visibility through lifestyle events, music & video content, social media & endorsements from key influencers including celebrities.













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